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Electronics and Tele-communication Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B.Tech Digital Electronic Circuits Module-IV Download
2 B.Tech Digital Electronic Circuits Module-III Download
3 B.Tech Advanced Electronics Circuit Download
4 B.Tech 6th Electonic measurement & measuring instrument (Module-III) Download
5 B.Tech 6th Microwave Engineering Download
6 B.Tech Electonic measurement & measuring instrument (Module-I) Download
7 B.Tech 8th Antenna Engineering Download
8 B.Tech 8th Communication system Engineering II Download
9 B.Tech 8th Intelligent Instrumentation Download
10 B.Tech 4th Digitization Module-II Download
11 B.Tech 4th Digitization Module-I Download
12 B.Tech Mobile Communication Download
13 B.Tech Analogue Communication Techniques Download
14 B.Tech 6th Industrial Electronics Download
15 B.Tech 6th Microcontroller and Embedded System. Download
16 B.Tech 5th Digital Signal Processing Download
17 B.Tech Communication System Digitized Download
18 B.Tech 5th Digital Communication Technique Download
19 B.Tech 5th Electromagnetic Field Theory Download
20 B.Tech 7th Adaptive Signal Processing Download
21 B.Tech Digital Image Speech Processing ECS-702 Download
22 B.Tech 7th Soft Computing BCS 422 Download
23 B.Tech Digitization - AEC Download
24 B.Tech 3rd Network Analysis & Synthesis Download
25 B.Tech Basic Electronics Lecture Download
26 B.Tech 5th VLSI Engg Download
27 B.Tech 5th Microprocessor BEC1502 Download
28 B.Tech 7th Information Theory & Coding BEC1705 Download
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