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Presently the University has two platoons of NCC and two teachers are acting as associated NCC officers for the Platoons.

N.C.C./N.S.S. is compulsory at the 1st year level & offered for the benefit of the students as it builds their character, leadership, officer like qualities and helps them in selection for defense services. NCC aims at exacting a force of disciplined and trained manpower to help the country in a national emergency.

01 Students of the University who volunteer to join N.C.C are enrolled in the Engineers or Signals Platoons of 3. (Odisha) composite Technical Company N.C.C The intake strength per platoon is 70 only. The unit is commended by a technical officer of rank as Major Lt. Col. of Indian Army.
02 Total of 120 periods of parades is prescribed for each cadet. Each period being of 40 min. duration.
03 In combined Annual Training camp of days 12 days duration, some selected cadets have to attend parts of Odisha. The responsibility of obtaining verbal and written permission from parents for attending various camps lies with the individual cadet.
04 Cadets are also selected every year to attend Advance Leadership courses mountaineering Curses, Summer Training camps and different other camps which are held at various places in India. Some cadets are also selected to attend various army units for 21 days to get knowledge of actual army life in operation.
05 Every year Cadets are selected for Anti Range classification at the long-range firing site.
(a) Cadets are admitted to the certificate ‘B’ Examination after
i. Completing two years of training in Senior Division N.C.C having attended a minimum of 75% of the total number of periods prescribed and
ii. Having attended at least one Annual Training Camp National Integration Camp or its equivalent.
(b) Cadets who holding ‘B’ certificate are admitted to the certificate ‘0’ Examination with the following conditions.
i. Must have completed three years of training in Senior Division. N.C.C having attended a minimum of 75% attendance in each year, of the total number of periods prescribed and
ii. Must have attended two Annual Training Camps/Centrally organized or its equivalents.
06 The N.C.C. establishments are guided by the National Cadet Corps Acts and Rules, 1948 as amended from time to time.
07 Reservation have been made in Indian Army, CRPF, BSF, ITBF, CISF for NCC C-certificate holders in various service sectors 10% of available vacancies for recruitment for grant of permanent commissions in various Technical branches of army are reserved exclusively for NCC cadets.
08 The following incentives are being offered to NCC cadets by the Indian Army for enrolment in Army (Vide DG Letter NO. 5104/INCEN/NCC HQ/P&F Co-ord. Dt. 26.03.2001)
(a) Cadets are admitted to the certificate ‘B’ Examination after
i. NCC, ‘B’ Certificate-8% bonus marks are awarded to B’ Certificate holders in overall marks scored by him.
ii. NCC, ‘B’ Certificate – ‘C’ certificate holders are exempted from appearing in common entrance examination (CEE) and placed on the top of merit list if they meet the minimum laid down criteria of age, education qualification, physical and medical standards. They are however, required to pass physical fitness test (PFT).
09 N.C.C. dues must be cleared in time, otherwise a student may be penalized and / or debarred from appearing examinations / Campus interviews.
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