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Societies & Clubs

The following are the important Clubs, Associations and Societies of the students of the University. Nomination to the various clubs, associations and societies are made generally in the month of August/September every year. Secretaries and Asst. Secretaries of these student bodies are selected from 3rd year and 2nd year students respectively. Chief Editor of Galaxy is nominated from among final year students. The following faculty members shall be the nominee of the Vice Chancellor for different Clubs, Associations and Societies for the Academic Session 2011-2012.

Vice-Presidents :
Dr. Manish Tripathy, Reader in Electrical Engineering

Faculty Advisors :
  1. 1.Dr.Nilamani.Bhoi, Reader in EL&TCE
  2. 2.Dr.Manas Ranjan Kabat, Sr. Lect. In CSE
  3. 3.Mr.Satya P. Sahu, Lect. In Computer Sc. Engg.
  4. 4.Mr. Hrudananda Pradhan, Lect. In EL&TCE
  1. To organise debates, Quiz, indoor games, Ganesh Puja and saraswati Puja
  2. To organise discussion on general, technical, cultural, academic, national and international problems.
  3. To invite eminent persons to address the Association.
  4. ) To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor.
  5. To promote cooperation amongst present and Ex-students.

Vice-President :
Prof. S.B.Mohapatra, Reader in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisors :
1. Mr. Bikramaditya Das, Lecturer in EL&TCE

  1. To render temporary financial assistance in the form of loans to needy and deserving students
  2. To organise social welfare activities.
  3. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

Vice-President :
Dr.Manoranjan Pradhan, Reader in EL&TCE

Faculty Advisors :
  1. Dr.Anjan Patel, Lecturer in Civil Engineering
  2. Mrs.Sharmila Garnaik, Lecturer in EEE
  1. to present theatrical performances and variety shows etc. which exploit and develop musical & histronic talents of the students.
  2. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

Vice-President :
Mrs.Shanti .Behera,.Lecturer (Senior Scale) in Electrical Engineering

Faculty Advisors :

1. Ms.D. Konhar, Lecturer in EL&TCE

To provide opportunities to all staff & Student members to develop their musical talents and other cultural activities.

The Athletic Club is well equipped with a Gymnasium and athletic video library with all the modern facilities and infrastructures

Vice-President :
Dr. D.P.Satapathy, Reader in Civil Engineering

Faculty Advisors :
1. Mr.Rakesh Mohanty, Lecturer in Computer Science Engineering,
2. Dr.A.K.Pattnaik, Lecturer (Senior Scale) in Physics


  1. To promote athletic activity amongst the students
  2. To conduct the sports and athletic tournaments of the University.
  3. To arrange and supervise participation of the University teams in the various student-teacher friendly matches , inter hostel/inter class competitions, inter university, inter state sports and athletic meets.
  4. To take up such other activities as approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor
  5. Training on Yoga therapy is arranged from time to time.

Vice-President :
Mr.Kabiraj .Sethi, Lecturer (Senior Scale) in EL&TCE

Faculty Advisors :
1. Ms. Mamun . Mishra, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering


  1. To organise competitions on different categories of art and photography like pencil sketches, colour paintings etc.
  2. To organize art and photography competitions among staff and student members .
  3. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

Vice-President :
Dr.Sukalyan Dash, Reader in Chemistry

Faculty Advisors :
Mrs. Ashapurna Dash, Lecturer in Humanities


  1. To promote literary activity amongst the students
  2. To prepare and arrange for publication of magazine for the University.
  3. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

Vice-president :
Dr.Bibhuti Bhusan Pani, Reader in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisors:

  1. Dr.(Mrs.) Anjana Acharya, Lecturer(Senior Scale) in Physics
  2. Dr.Mahendra Kumar Jena, Lecturer in Mathematics
  1. The functions of Audio Visual Club is to present weekly film show, to conduct the annual AVC festival & to hold various compitions like film songs, antakshari and film quiz etc
  2. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

Vice President :
Dr. Debashis Mishra, Reader in EL&TCE

Faculty Advisors:
Mrs. Punyapriya Mishra, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


  1. Yoga classes for the students of first year to keep their body and mind fit through yogic postures, asanas, pranayams, transcendental meditation and Rajyoga practice.
  2. Interested students, other than the first year as well as staff are also encourged to attend.
  3. Training is imparted to remain free from anxiety, tension etc. and to inculcate virtues and human values.
  4. Therapautic application of yoga to heal different diseases like acidity, hypertension, etc. are taught.
  5. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor
Vice President :
Prof. Sanjay Agarwal, Reader & Head, Electronics & Telecommunication. Engg

Faculty Advisors :
  1. Mr.Sumanta Panda, Lecturer in Manufacturing Sc. & Engineering
  2. Mr. S. Mishra, Lecturer in EL&TCE
  3. Mr. L. Dora, Lecturer in EEE

Samavesh serves as a platform for interaction between the industry and academia, and it also brings together thousands of engineering and applied science students from all over the country to exhibt their innovative and Novel designs/Prototypes/Products/Robots, and also present technical papers. Encouraged by he palatial success of the past Samavesh, the University plan to raise the bar even higher this time around by inviting over 500 colleges and institutes from all over the country and make the forthcoming Samavesh unparalleled in terms of events and prize money.

Vice President :

Dr. Prasanta Nanda, Reader in Mechanical Engg.

Faculty Advisors :

Mrs Banaja Mohanty, Lecturer in Electrical Engg.

1.Publication of Souvenir "Galaxy" for all outgoing students each year.
2.To organize Galaxy Meet.


Vice President :

Dr. S.K. Sarangi, Reader in Mechanical Engg.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Ajit Kumar Barisal, Reader in Electrical Engg..


  1. To organize Robotics Workshop, model presentation, training camp
  2. To liason with alumni abroad for the purpose.
  3. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

13)India Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Chapter for Staff & Students
ISTE Institutional Member-IM-223 since 1983
ISTE Students Chapter-OR-47 since 2004

Coordinator :
Dr.Nrusingha Prasad Rath, Reader in Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.

  1. A number of activities are organised in the University and students are deputed to participate in seminars conducted elsewhere
  2. ISTE student chapter also conducts various non technical events for improving over all personality of students.
  3. It also takes up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor

14) National Service Scheme(NSS)
The main aim of National Service Scheme is personality development through social service or community service. This programme is to inculcate the social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the society without any prejudice.

Coordinator :
Dr.R.K. Sahu, Reader in Electrical. Engg

  1. Construction and repair of roads
  2. Afforestation
  3. Conducting Literacy Classes
  4. Water Shed Project
  5. Regulating queues in temples,
  6. controlling stampede in functions and many such social welfare activities
  7. To take up such other activities as are approved by the Dean SW and Vice Chancellor
The Department of Civil, Electrical, EEE, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science Information Technology, MCA, and Manufacturing Science & Engineering have Engineering Societies in which the teachers and students of the concerned departments are members. These societies are mainly meant to build up a good academic atmosphere by organizing lectures by outside speakers and also by the members of the societies. They also help to promote good relationship between the field departments and industries on one hand and the educational institution on the other. The members also take up modeling work and organize

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