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Computer Application Courses

Objectives of the MCA course
The objective of the Master of Computer Application degree is to provide a high quality, systematic and formal education in the computer science discipline to the graduate student of any stream having keen interest in Computer Field. The main objective of the course is to impart basic understanding of concepts, strategies, tools and techniques of information technology, to provide a strong foundation in all technical aspects of computers and their applications.

Course structure

The course is to be completed in 6 semesters. The first semester will comprise mostly of common subjects needed to build a base for the subjects to follow in pursuance of the objectives of the course. The 2nd to 5th semesters will be mostly divided into core subjects and elective, which offer the student a choice to build expertise in some fields based on personal choice. The last semester will be devoted to project work testing the students application in the fields studied so far and provide valuable experience before stepping into the professional world of information technology.

Outline of Course Contents

Semester 1

Subjects / Theory
Subject Code Subject /Theory Credits
MCA-101 Programming in 'C' 4
MCA-102 Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming 4
MCA-103 Discrete mathematics 4
MCA-104 Principles of Programming Languages 4
MCA-105 Engineering Economics and Costing 4
Sessional Code Sessional Subject Credit
MCA-191 Seminar – I 2
MCA-192 “C” Programming Laboratory 4
MCA-193 Assembly Language Programming Lab 2

Semester 2 

Subjects / Theory
Subject Code Subject /Theory Credit
MCA-106 Data Structure Using C 4
MCA-107 Computer System Architecture 4
MCA-108 Object Oriented Programming using C++ 4
MCA-109 Numerical Methods 4
MCA-110 Communicative English 4
Sessional Code Sessional Subject Credit
MCA-194 Communicative Practice Laboratory 2
MCA-195 Data Structure in “C” Laboratory 2
MCA-196 OOP with C++  Laboratory 4

Semester 3 

Subjects / Theory
Subject Code Subject /Theory Credit
MCA-201 Software Engineering & OOAD 4
MCA-202 Operating System 4
MCA-203 Quantitative Techniques 4
MCA-204 Computer Graphics & Multimedia 4
MCA-205 Financial and Management Accounting 4
Sessional Code Sessional Subject Credit
MCA-291 Operating System Laboratory 4
MCA-292 Computer Graphics Laboratory 4

Semester 4 

Subjects / Theory
Subject Code Subject /Theory Credit
MCA-206 Programming with Java 4
MCA-207 Automata Theory 4
MCA-208 Database Management System 4
MCA-209 Analysis and Design of Algorithm 4
MCA-210 Computer Networks 4
Sessional Code Sessional Subject Credit
MCA-293 RDBMS Laboratory 4
MCA-294 Java Laboratory 2
MCA-295 Seminar - II 2

Semester 5 

Subjects / Theory
Subject  Code Subject /Theory Credit
MCA-301 Internet & Web Technology 4
MCA-302 Simulation & Modeling 4
MCA-303 Compiler Design 4
MCA-304 Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java 4
Elective-I (Any one)
MCA-305 Data Mining & Ware Housing 4
MCA-306 Computer Security 4
MCA-307 Image Processing 4
MCA-308 Artificial Intelligence  4
MCA-309 Parallel Computing 4
MCA-310 Soft Computing 4
MCA-311 Bioinformatics            4
Sessional Code Sessional Subject Credit
MCA-391 Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java Lab. 2
MCA-392 Network Programming using Socket 
(C / Java) 
MCA-393 Comprehensive Viva-Voce 2

Semester 6 

Subjects / Theory
Subject Code Subject /Theory Credit
MCA-394 Industrial Project Work (for 16 weeks) 20