Civil Engineering Projects

Sl. No Name of Faculty Name of project Funding Agency Grants Received (Rs.)
1 Prof. A. N. Nayak
Dr. C. R. Mohanty
Characterization of LWC using ash cenosphere DST (2015) 13,23,000
2 Dr. C. R. Mohanty
Dr. R. R. Dash
Field trials of low cost fluoride filter DST (2014) 12,78,000
3 Prof. P. K. Pradhan
Dr. C. R. Mohanty
MODROBS (Env. Engg Lab) AICTE (2014) 18,04,000
4 Prof. P. K. Das MODROBS (Hydraulic Flow Lab) AICTE (2014) 20,00,000
5 Prof. P. C. Swain MODROB Project for Development of Computer Aided Design Laboratory AICTE (2004) 4,00,000
6 Prof. P. C. Swain Development of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Technology for Flood Mitigation AICTE (2003) 16,00,000
TOTAL 84,05,000