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Electrical Engineering & EEE Projects

Projects Undertaken

Since 1982, the department is getting financial assistance through various MODROB and research Project.

S.N. Project Title Principal Investigator Project Duration Amount Received
(Rs. In Lakhs)
Funding Agency
1 Modernisation of Power System Laboratory Dr.S.K.Sanyal 1982-83 10.0 MHRD
2 Instrumentation & Control Lab Dr.S.K. Sanyal 1989-90 15.0 MHRD
3 Application of ANN to Power System Problems Dr.S.K.Sanyal
1992-93 6.0 MHRD
4 Modernization of High Voltage Lab Dr.M.V.S. Rao 1995-96 9.0 MHRD
5 Power Electronics Lab. Dr.N.Meher 1995-96 12.0 MHRD
6 Modernisation of  High Voltage Laboratory Dr.S.K.Sanyal 1996-97 8.0 AICTE
7 Modernisation of  High Voltage Laboratory Dr.S.K.Sanyal 2000-01 8.0 AICTE
8 Intelligent Soft Computing Approach to Power System Operational Control. Dr.P.K.Hota 2000-01 9.0 AICTE
9 Application of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques to Fault Diagnosis of Poser System Elements Dr.A.K.Pradhan
2001-2002 3.5 AICTE
10 Developing Intelligence Techniques for Power Quality Improvements Dr.S.Mishra 2002 7.2 DST
11 Robust Controller Structure for Coordinated Power System Voltage Regulation and Stabilization Dr.B.B.Pati 2001-02 5.0 AICTE
12 Power Quality Improvement of Distribution Systems Dr.S.Mishra
2002-03 3.0 AICTE
13 Modernization of Power Electronics & Drives Dr.P.K.Hota 2002-03 12.0 AICTE
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