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Chemistry Projects


S. N. Name of the Faculty Members Title of the Project Funding agency Total Cost(in Lakh) Duration
1. Dr S K Swain Synthesis of Polymer/clay Nanocomposites by Emulsifier-free Emulsion Technique: Superabsorbency and Biodegradable Study DST-SERC, Govt. of India 19.32 3 Years
2. Dr S K Swain Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer/CNT nanocomposites by Chemically Functionalized Carbon             Nanotubes DAE-BRNS Govt. of India 11.05 3 Years
3. Dr. P K Kar Corrosion inhibition studies of metal chelates AICTE, New Delhi 5.5l 2 years
4. Dr. S Dash Synthesis, characterization and Photochemical studies of Some Novel Polymethine cyanine Dyes AICTE, New Delhi 7.5 2 Years


The Department is well equipped with facilities to carry out research in the following fields:

  1. Corrosion Science
  2. Inorganic Synthesis
  3. Organic Synthesis
  4. Reaction Dynamics& Surfaces Science and Technology
  5. Environmental chemistry
  6. Optoelectronic Materials
  7. Graph theoretical Analysis
  8. Polymer based nano composite
  9. Hybrid material
  10. Solution chemistry


The department is engaged in testing of chemical and engineering materials supplied by many national, state-level and local industries such as Indian Railways, HINDALCO, Vedanta group of industries, Water Resource department, Hirakud Dam project, Department of National Highways, etc. 


The department is engaged in some doctoral programmes in the area of surface chemistry, corrosion science and environmental pollution. The following students are persuing their Ph. D. in the department.

  • Mr. Kumar Ranjan Pani
  • Mr. Rajendra Narayanr Sahoo
  • Mrs. S. tripathy
  • Mr. A.K.Panda
  • Mr. Suraj Prakash Bank
  • Mr. Partha Sarathi Guru
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