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Notice Board

S.N. Notice Board Date View
211 Notice for partial modification to the earlier notice for Repeat Midsem March 2019. 16-03-2019 download
212 Allow of Repeat mid Sem Exam 2nd Notice 16-03-2019 download
213 Regarding the Notification of Mr. Subhakanta Nayak PhD scholars 15-03-2019 download
214 TEQIP-III Sponsored Workshop on ATCOMS-2019 on 2nd-6th April, 2019 organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering 14-03-2019 download
215 Time Table for Repeat Mid Semester Examinations of May-2019 13-03-2019 download
216 Regarding notification of Ph.D regulation Mr. Gyanaranjan Sahoo 13-03-2019 download
217 Regarding the notification award of Mr. Bidu bhusan jena PhD Scholars 13-03-2019 download
218 Notice for Admission into M.Tech,M.Sc.,Integrated M.Sc.,M.Phil & Ph.D. Programme 2019-20 13-03-2019 download
219 Repeat mid sem examination even sem 2019 12-03-2019 download
220 TEQIP-III sponsored Workshop on Application of Optimization Technique on Advanced Manufacturing Processes 25th – 30th March,2019 organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering 11-03-2019 download
221 EMD return for tender No. VSSUT/CSP/4004/2019 for supply of ceramic combo board 07-03-2019 download
222 Award notification of Ms. Fanismita Mohanty 06-03-2019 download
223 Regarding open viva voce of Mr. Sanjib Kumar Mohanty 06-03-2019 download
224 Five days TEQIP - III Sponsored Workshop on WATER URBANISM (WU-2019) during 12th-16th March 2019, organised by Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture 01-03-2019 download
225 Notice regarding Internal Complaint Committee 01-03-2019 download
226 Notice for Even semester 28-02-2019 download
227 Notice for Even Semester 2019 28-02-2019 download
228 Regarding notice of Mr. Bidu Bhusan Jena PhD scholar 28-02-2019 download
229 Regarding notice of open viva of Ms. Fanismita Mohanty 28-02-2019 download
230 Regarding the notification award of Mr. Karri Chiranjeevi PhD Scholars 21-02-2019 download
231 Seating arrangement of mid-sem exam 21-02-2019 download
232 Notice regarding the 607 form 20-02-2019 download
233 Regarding Year Back of MTech & MSc. 20-02-2019 download
234 Notice for Re-admission 19-02-2019 download
235 Regarding Year Back of B.Tech & B.Arch Students 19-02-2019 download
236 Regarding the Notification of Mr. Subigyan Gadtia 19-02-2019 download
237 Regarding the Fee Notice 19-02-2019 download
238 Regarding the Notification of open viva voce of Kerri Chiranjeevi 16-02-2019 download
239 Leaflet on UGC-UKIERI Sponsored One Day Workshop on Recent Advances in Strengthening of Concrete Structures (RASCS-2019) 16-02-2019 download
240 Regarding the award notification of Mrs. Rosy Pradhan 12-02-2019 download
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