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Electrical Engineering & EEE Laboratories

The Department of Electrical Engineering has the following laboratories with modern facilities

  1. Electrical Machines Lab.
  2. Power Electronics and Devices Lab.
  3. Microcontroller and Drives Lab
  4. Network & Devices Lab
  5. Instrumentation and Control Lab.
  6. High Voltage Lab.
  7. Power System Lab.
  8. Advanced Power System Lab.
  9. Computation Lab
  10. Embedded system/DSP/Soft computing Lab.

STAFF MEMBERS IN CHARGE OF VARIOUS LABORATORIES Laboratory Teacher-in-charge Name of instructor-in-charge Name of attendant
1 Power Electronics & Devices Lab. Dr.S.Behera Sri D.K.Biswal Sri D. Mirdha
2 Electrical Machines Lab. Dr.P.K.Modi Sri D.K.Biswal Sri S.Bhoi
3 High Voltage Lab. Dr. B.B.Pati Sri A.C.Moharana Sri S.Bhoi
4 Advanced Power System Lab. Mrs.B.Mohanty Sri S.P.Tripathy Sri A.K.Rao
5 Embedded System/DSP/Soft Computing Lab. Mr.B.K. Rana Sri S.P.Tripathy Sri A.K.Rao
6 Power System Lab. Mr.Manish Tripathy Sri S.P.Tripathy Sri A.K.Rao
7 Instrumentation & Control Lab. Mr.A.K. Barisal Sri A.C.Moharana Sri D. Mirdha
8 MicroController & Drives Lab. Mr.B.K. Rana Sri A.C.Moharana Sri D. Mirdha
9 Network Device Lab. Mrs.S.Behera Sri D.K.Biswal Sri S.Bhoi
10 Electrical Dept. Computation Lab. Dr.P.K.Modi Sri S.P.Tripathy Sri A.K.Rao
11 Electrical Engineering Society Dr.S.Behera Sri A.Meher Sri U.Pradhan
12 Electrical Engineering Dept. Library Mrs. B. Mohanty Sri B.Rath Sri U.Pradhan
13 Electrical Main Store HOD,Electrical Engg. Sri A.C.Moharana Sri D. Mirdha

01. 100 kV AC testing transformer.
02. 100mA, High Voltage Schering Bridge for Capacitance and tan delta measurement
03. 140 kV AC, 280 kV DC 2-stage 0.49KJ,140 kV Impulse Generator test set with all accessories.
04. 100MHz 500Ms/s Digital storage Oscilloscope for impulse Voltage Measurement
05. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) trainer with Analog and Digital Modules
06. Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer
07. Data accquition Trainer
08. Gyro’ Relay testing set
09. Primary current injection set, Input 230V, 1-Ph., 50Hz. With timer , magnetic contactor etc.
10. Standard Volt meter, Ammeter, Wattmeter etc
11. AC Network Analyser
12. DC Network Analyser
13. 12bit 100KHz. FFT analyzer SM-2701
14. AC/DC modular servo system, P.I.D. Unit, Digital servo system, Traducer & instrumentation kit, Linear system simulator, Relay control system, Compensation design, P.I.D.controller, Digital Control
15. Spectral analyser of a non-sinusoidal wave form 
16. Study of D.C & A.C. transients of RL, RC,RLC ckt. 
17. Cable fault locator 
18. Artificial transmission line
19. 8086 microprocessor kits(LCD version), 8051 micro controller(LCD version), LCD interfacing with 8051, ADC interfacing with 8051, 8085 Microprocessor based relay testing kit
20. Scientific color 100MHz 250MS/sReal time (50GS/s equivalent time Digital storage C.R.O
21. L&T make 20MHz.Digital storage

06. TC/VC++/VB++

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