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Civil Engineering Laboratories

The department has the following well equipped laboratories which provide practical instruction to undergraduate students and facilities for post-graduate training, research work and consultancy work.

  1. Structural Engineering Laboratory
  2. Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  3. Hydraulics Flow Laboratory
  4. Highway Engineering Laboratory
  5. Concrete Laboratory
  6. Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  7. Survey Laboratory
  8. Geology Laboratory
  9. Computational Laboratory

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Structural Engineering Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.S.K.Patro
Faculty-in-charge: Dr. S. K. Panigrahi
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. N. K. Mishra

Lab Area: 113 Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. Universal Testing Machine – UTE – 100Ton Capacity
  2. Compression Testing machine
  3. Loading Frame

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.P.K.Pradhan
Faculty-in-charge: Dr. D.Giri
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. K. P. Khandit

Lab Area: 136 Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. Direct shear test and Triaxial compression test Apparatus
  2. Unconfined compression test apparatus
  3. Vane shear test apparatus
  4. Consolidation Test apparatus 
  5. Swell test apparatus
  6. Plate load test apparatus
  7. SPT and DCPT apparatus

Hydraulics Flow Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.P.K.Das
Faculty-in-charge: Ms. L.P.Mohanty
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. K. C. Pradhan

Lab Area: 213 Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. Hydraulic Flume
  2. 15 HP Pump Set
  3. NC Rotring Scriber
  4. Automatic Weather Station

Highway Engineering Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.S.S.Das
Faculty-in-charge: Mrs. S. Rath
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. N. K. Mishra

Lab Area: 95Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. Automatic Traffic counter-cum classifier IRD Series (PORTABLE)
  2. Portable axle weigh pad
  3. Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
  4. Los angles Abrasion Machine
  5. Marshall Testing Machine
  6. Softening Point Apparatus
  7. Benkelman Beam Apparatus

Concrete Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.A.N.Nayak
Faculty-in-charge: Dr. B.Nanda
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. A. K. Satapathy

Lab Area: 54Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. 100 and 200 tonne capacity compression testing machine
  2. Ultrasonic concrete tester
  3. Flexure test apparatus

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Dr. C.R.Mohanty
Faculty-in-charge: Dr. R.R.Dash
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. A.K.Satpathy


Lab Area: 90Sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. UV-VIS Digital Spectro- photo meter
  2. Gas Chromatograph

Survey Laboratory

Professor in-charge: Prof.P.C. Swain
Faculty-in-charge: Mrs. J. Munda
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. A. K. Satapathy

Lab Area: 68sq.m
List of major equipments:

  1. Electronic Total Station. Set – 2010
  2. Microoptic theodolite
  3. Differential Geographical Positioning System
  4. Wild T2 Theodolites

Computational Laboratory

Professor-in-charge: Dr.B.B.Mukharjee
Instructor-in-charge: Mr. N. K. Mishra

Lab Area: 45sq.m

Computational Facility ( Hardware/Software):

  1. STAAD - PRO
  2. STAAD - ETC
  4. A TOOL KIT for Promoting Sustainability of Rural Transport Infrastructure.
  5. AUTO - CAD
  6. SAP
  8. FORTRAN 77
  9. TURBO C++.
  10. GEO - SOFT
  11. GRAM++
  12. High speed PCs with Pentium processors
  13. Laser printers and Jet Colour Printer
  14. Plotter and Colour Scanners

  • Digital Tri-axial Test
  • Hydrology Apparatus
  • Impact of Jet Apparatus
  • Large size Shear Apparatus
  • Roughometer
  • Auto Level
  • CBR Test Apparatus
  • Compression Testing Machine
  • Total Station
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