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Dr. Pradipta Kumar Das  [Information Technology]

Pradipta Kumar Das
Name : Dr. Pradipta Kumar Das
Designation : Assistant Professor
Phone No. : +91 8480142375
Email Id : daspradipta78@gmail.com
Date of Joining : 02-06-2012
  • Qualification

    B.E, M.Tech (Jadavpur University) Ph.D
  • Specialization

    Machine Intelligent and Computer Vision, Emotional Intelligent, Robotics, Video processing
  • Experience

    17 years teaching experience
  • Subject Teaching

    Graduate Level

    : Compiler Construction, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Soft Computing, Robotics, Theory of Computation, RDBMS, Data Structure, OS, Artificial Intelligence, OOPs

    Post Graduate Level

    : Computational Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Compiler Design.
  • Research Area

    Machine Intelligent and Computer Vision, Emotional Intelligent, Robotics, Video processing.
  • Research Guidance

    Ph. D. Candidates

    : 02 No.s (Contd…)

    M. Tech. Candidates

    : 11 Nos
  • Awards & Honours

    1.Young IT Professional Award by CSI, India in the field of research in 2014.
  • Members of Professional Bodies

  • Sponsored Projects & Consultancy

  • Publications

    International Publications

    1.P. K Das, S. K Pradhan, H. K. Tripathy and P. K Jena, “ Improved real time A*-fuzzy controller for improving multi-robot navigation and its performance analysis” International Journal of Data Science, Inderscience, Vol. 2 no. 2, pp. 105-137, 2017.
    2.MR Panda, P Das, S Pradhan, “ Hybridization of IWO and IPSO for mobile robots navigation in a dynamic environment”, Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, Elsevier, (in Press), 2017.
    3.M.R. Panda, P. K Das and S. K Pradhan, “Optimal Path Planning for Mobile Robots Using Oppositional Invasive Weed Optimization” Journal of Computational Intelligence, Wiley, Vol.34. Issue 4, pp. 1072-1100
    4.P. K. Das, Behera, H. S. Behera, and B. K. Panigrahi, “A hybridization of an improved particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithm for multi-robot path planning”. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier Vol- 28, pp. 14-28, 2016.
    5.P. K Das, H.S Behera, S. Das, H.K. Tripathy, B. K Panigrahi and S. K Pradhan, “A hybrid improved PSO-DV algorithm for multi-robot path planning in a clutter environment”, Neurocomputing, Elsevier Vol-207, pp. 735-753, 2016.
    6.P. K Das, H. S Behera and B. K Panigrahi, “ Intelligent-based multi-robot path planning inspired by improved classical Q-learning and improved particle swarm optimization with perturbed velocity ” Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, Elsevier, Vol.- 19, no-1, pp. 651-669,2016
    7.P. K Das, H. S Behera, P. K Jena and B. K Panigrahi, “ Multi-robot path planning in a dynamic environment using improved gravitational search algorithm”, Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology, Elsevier Vol. 3, no-2, pp. 295-313, 2016.
    8.D. C. Rao, M. R. Kabat, P. K. Das, Jena, P. K. Jena,“Cooperative Navigation Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Improved Krill Herd.” Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer,Vol.43, pp. 7869-7891, 2018.
    9.P.K Das, A. Mohapatra, and M.R Panda, “ Epilepsy disorder detection from EEG signal” International journal of Intelligent Computing and Applied Sciences Vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 41-49, 2013.
    10.P. K Das, S. C Mandhata, C. N Panda and S.N. Patro, “ Vision based object tracking by mobile robot”, International Journal of Computer Applications Vol. 45, no. 8, pp. 40-42, 2012.
    11.C. Panda, S.N. Patro, P. K. Das and P. K. Gantayat, “ Node reliability in WDM optical network” International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 315-320, 2012.
    12.P Kumar Das, S.N Patro, C. N Panda, B. Balabantaray, “ D* lite algorithm based path planning of mobile robot in static Environment”, International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology, Vol. 2, IssueVI, 2011.
    13.P. K. Das, A Konar and R Laishram, “ Path Planning of Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment” International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies Vol. 1, no. 2, 3-5, pp. 26-31, 2010.
    14.P. K Das, A. Konar and R. Laishram, “ Visual perception-based motion planning using road map”, International Journal of Computational vision and robotics, Inderscience Vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 430-440, 2010.
    15.P. K Das, B. M Sahoo, H. S Behera and S. Vashisht, “ An improved particle swarm optimization for multi-robot path planning”, Innovation and Challenges in Cyber Security (ICICCS-INBUSH), pp. 97-106, 2016
    16.P. K Das, S. C. Mandhata and S. N. Patro, “ Real Time Visual Authentication Using Fuzzy Moments.”, Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology, Vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 236-244, 2012.
    17.P. K Das, S. C. Mandhata, H. S. Behera, S. N. Patro, “ Visual Perception based Motion Planning of Mobile Robot using Road Sign”, International Journal of Computer Applications Vol. 48, no. 15, pp. 4-9, 2012.
    18.Pradipta K Das, S. C. Mandhata, H.S Behera, S.N. Patro,” An Improved Q-learning Algorithm for Path-Planning of a Mobile Robot”,International journal of computer application,vol-51,No-9,pp 40-46 2012 ISSN 0975 – 8887
    19.Ananya Das, Priyadarsini, Mohapatra,Prakruti Mishra,Pradipta K.Das,Subash C Mandhata” Improved real time A* algorithm for path planning of mobile robot in Quadrant Based Environment”, International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering (ICACTE), pp 25-30, 2012 ISBN: 987-9381361-18-8.
    20.U.K.Jena, M.R.Kabat, P.K.Das, “Real Time Tracking of Complete Transport SystemUsing GPS in Android System”, Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp.1205-1207,2018


    1.P.K Das, H.S Behera, S.K Pradhan, H.K Tripathy and P.K Jena, “ A modified real time A* algorithm and its performance analysis for improved path planning of mobile robot” Computational Intelligence in Data Mining-Vol. 2, pp. 221-234, 2015.
    2.M.R Panda, P.K Das, S. K Pradhan and H. S Behera, “ An improved gravitational search algorithm and its performance analysis for multi-robot path planning”, International Conference on Man and Machine Interfacing (MAMI), pp. 1-8, 2015.
    3.R. Laishram, R. K. Mangang, P. K. Das, SD Singh, “ An Adaptive Call Admission Control in WiMAX Networks with Fair Trade off Analysis” , International Conference on Advances in Communication, Network, and Computing, pp.426-430, 2012.
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    5.Indrani Goswami (Chakraborty), Pradipta kumar Das, Amit Konar, and R.Janarthanan, “Extended Q- Learning Algorithm for Path-Planning of a Mobile Robot “ Springer’s LNCS 2010, Volume 6457, Simulated Evolution and Learning, Pages 379-383 DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17298-4_40
    6.Indrani Goswami (Chakraborty), Pradipta kumar Das, Amit Konar, “Conditional Q- Learning Algorithm for Path-Planning of a Mobile IEEE Xplorer pp 8-13,2010 ISBN: 978-1-4244-8544-4
    7.P.K. Das, S.K. Pradhan, S.N. Patro, and B.K. Balabantaray” Artificial Immune System Based Path Planning of Mobile Robot”* Soft Computing Techniques in Vision Science of Springer, SCI 395, pp. 195–207.2012. ISBN 978-3-642-25506-9.
    8.D. C. Rao, S. Pani, M.R.Kabat, P.K.Das, “Cooperation of multi-robots for obstacle avoidance in clutter environment using differential evolutionary algorithm”, IEEEInternational Conference on Information, Communication, Instrumentation and Control , pp 1-6.2017.
  • Books/ Chapter Published

  • Seminar/ Symposia/ Short term Course organized

  • Extra Responsibility

    Assistant Warden of Marichi Hall of Residence
  • Other Informations

  • Address for Communication

    Present Address : 
    Dept. Of IT VSSUT, Burla Sambalpur, Odisha-768018
      Permanent Address : 
    Khunjabihari Lane, Nuapada Nayabazar Cuttack, Odisha-753004
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