• No. Year of Award Funding Agency Scheme Project Title PI Department Amount (Lakhs)
    1 2017-18 AICTE MODROB Data mining Laboratory Dr. Manas Ranjan Senapati Electrical & Electronics engineering 10.65
    2 2017-18 AICTE MODROB MODROBS of Microwave Laboratory Dr. Debasis Mishra Electrical & Electronics engineering 6.032
    3 2017-18 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Electrical power System Laboratory Dr. Ajit Barisal Electrical Engineering 18.00
    4 2017-18 AICTE MODROB Modernization Structural Engineering laboratory Dr. Sanjaya Patro Civil Engineering 18.50
    5 2017-18 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Microcontroller and Embedded System Laboratory Dr. Manoranjan Pradhan Electronics & TCE Engineering 8.50
    6 2016-17 AICTE MODROB Development of Advanced Concrete laboratory for Development of Sustainable Concrete incorporating Recycled Coarse Aggregators Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag Prof. Amar Nath Nayak       Civil Engg 19
    7 2016-17 DST SERB Fundamental investigation of biopolymers-bio surfactants interaction towards understanding tdeir physicochemical behaviour using fluorescent drug molecules Dr. Monalisha Mohapatra Chemistry 37.62
    8 2015-16 DST SERB Characterization of Lightweight Concrete Using Ash Ecospheres Dr. A.N. Nayak Civil Engineering 13.25
    9 2015-16 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Material Research Laboratory Dr. S.K. Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 7.56
    10 2015-16 DST SERB Assessment of Wide-Area measurement Signal by Computational intelligence Techniques Dr. Papia Ray Electrical Engineering 15.46
    11 2015-16 ER&IPR DRDO Study of Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Solvent Mixture Used in Preparation of Natural Fiber from Agricultural Wastes Dr. Ganeswar Nath Physics 8.26
    12 2014-15 ER&IPR DRDO Development of Ultrasonic Absorbent Composite Material Using Date Palm Leaf Fiber Dr. J.R. Mohanty Mechanical Engineering 7.36
    13 2014-15 UGC BSR Research Start-Up-Grant Ultrasonic Characterization of Nano Fluid for various concentration at different temperature Dr. Ganeswar Nath Physics 5.40
    14 2012-13 AICTE RPS Leser Micro-Machining of Advance Engineering Materials Dr. D. Dhupal Mechanical Engineering 20.00
    15 2011-12 AICTE RPS Transient Stability Analysis and Control of Power Systems with Excitation Control Dr. B. B. Pati Electrical Engineering 7.50
    16 2011-12 AICTE RPS Development of Ultranano Diamond Coating by HFCVD Method on Cemented Carbide Inserts. Dr. S.K. Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 14.10
    17 2008-09 AICTE RPS Biasing and Nucleation Study by Addition of Metal Powders on Growth of Diamond by Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) Method on Cemented Carbide Inserts Dr. S.K Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 6.49
    18 2008-09 DST SERC FAST Controlled Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers using Organ metallic Compounds in Water Medium Dr. Braja Narayan Patra Chemistry 10.00
    19 2007-08 AICTE RPS Agent- Based Planning & Control of A Multi-Robot Assembly System. Dr. D Mishra Manufacturing Scienc e & Engg. 6.00
    20 2007-08 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Communication Lab DR. U R Jena Electronics & TC Engineering 10.00
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