• No. Year of Award Funding Agency Scheme Project Title PI Department Amount (Lakhs)
    41 2001-02 DST SERC Development Intelligence Techniques for power quality Improvement. Dr. Sukumar Mishra Electrical Engineering 5.50
    42 2001-02 DST SERC FAST Study of Radiation Influenced Natural Convection within Enclosures. Dr. Swarup Ku. Mahapatra Mechanical Engineering 6.48
    43 2001-02 AICTE R&D Robust Controller Structure for Coordinated Power System Voltage Regulation and Stabilization. Dr. B. B. Pati Electrical Engineering 5.00
    44 2000-01 AICTE R&D Mod of Computer Networking and Data Communication Lab Prof. C. R. Tripathy Computer Scince 3.00
    45 1999-00 AICTE R&D Modernization on Metal Machining Lab Dr. Debadutta Mishra Manufacturing Scienc e & Engg. 7.00
    46 1999-00 AICTE R&D Digital Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory - Modernization. Prof. K. C. Mahapatra Electronics & TC Engineering 10.00
    47 1999-00 AICTE TAPTEC Building Cognition for Intelligent Robots Dr. Srikanta Patanaik Electronics & TC Engineering 15.00
    48 1999-00 AICTE TAPTEC Performance Study of Flexible Pavements using Expect System Dr. P. C. Swain Civil Engineering 10.00
    49 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Study & Predication of Fault-Tolerance of Super Computing Architecture Dr. C. R. Tripathy Copmputer Science & Engineering 7.50
    50 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Non-Traditional Machining Process Dr. Rajat Kumar Bhoi Manufacturing Scienc e & Engg. 10.00
    51 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Flexible Distributed Control of Manufacturing System Dr. Mahalik N. Premchand Electronics & TC Engineering 10.00
    52 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Manufacture of Wear Resistant Components From Part Dr. B.B. Pani Mechanical Engineering 10.00
    53 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Virtual Manufacturing Using Information Technology Dr. D. Mishra Manufacturing Scienc e & Engg. 15.00
    54 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Modernization of Central Computer Facility Dr. B. B. Biswal Computer Scince 10.00
    55 1998-99 AICTE TAPTEC Modernization of Workshop Dr. R. K. Bhoi Mechanical Engineering 8.00
    56 1997-98 AICTE TAPTEC Integrated Manufacturing Dr. B. B. Biswal Mechanical Engineering 8.00
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