• No. Year of Award Funding Agency Scheme Project Title PI Department Amount (Lakhs)
    1 2019-20 Planning convergence, Govt. of Odisha Planning convergence Synthesis and measurement of Hybrid acoustic shielding materials for environmental noise reduction Dr. G. Nath Physics 9.79
    2 2019-20 DST Govt. of Odisha  DST Development of cement Less Concrete Dr. B. Nanda Civil Engg. 5.54
    3 2019-20 DST Govt. of Odisha  DST Development of Luminescent Materials for selective and sensitive recognition of biologically anions and their biomedical applications Dr. B.R. Jali Chemistry 20.50
    4 2019-20 AICTE CRS Composites for Heat Shielding Components in Air Craft Dr. A. Purohit Mechanical Engg. 19.48
    5 2019-20 UGC Start up Grant Development of Novel Magnenoelectric materials through compositional engineering for memory devices Dr. M.P.K. Sahoo Physics 8.00
    6 2019-20 DST SERB Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Nonlinear vibroacoustic response of Laminated Composite and Functiona;;y Graded material Shell Panel under Hygrothermal Environment Dr. T.R. Mohapatra Production Engg. 29.00
    7 2018-19 AICTE RPS-NDF Development of Fluidized Bed-Hot Abrasive Jet Machining (FB-HAJM) for Muicro Machining. Prof. D. Dhupal Production Engg. 25.00
    8 2018-19 AICTE RPS-NDF Assessment of the Potential for River Bank Filtration in the State of Odisha Dr. R. R. Dash   Civil Engg 10.00
    9 2017-18 DST SERB Mining Socio-economic Factors Affecting Agricultural Productivity in Sambalpur District, Odisha State: Soft Computing based Machine Learning Approaches Dr. Bighnaraj Naik MCA 19.06
    10 2017-18 UGC UKIERI-III FRP shear strengthening of damaged concrete beams subjected to fatigue loading Prof. Amar Nath Nayak     Civil Engg 12.19
    11 2017-18 CPIR R & D IEC 61850 Compliant SF Monitoring System for Gas Insulated Switchgear Dr. Gyan Ranjan Biswal EEE 48.00
    12 2017-18 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Communication Laborotary Dr. Bikramaditya Das (ETC) ETC 7.97
    13 2016-17 Inst. Of Engg. R & D Modeling & FEM Simulation of DRX Microstructure for Automotive Applications Dr. S.K. Badjena MME 0.50
    14 2015-16 DST Govt. of Odisha  DST Acoustical Investigation of some Pharmaceutical Active Proteins of Biomedical Applications. Prof. S.K. Swain Chemistry 9.66
    15 2015-16 CSIR EMR Preparation and Characterisation of Graphene Nanocomposites by Reinforcement of Transition Metal based quantum dots Prof. S.K. Swain Chemistry 5.06
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