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211 Provisional result of B.Tech all 8th semester Examination May 2021 08-07-2021 download
212 Notice for CAS Promotion for Stage-III to Stage-IV and Stage-IV to Stage-V 08-07-2021 download
213 Award Notification of Mr. Satyanarayan Patnaik, Department of Chemistry 07-07-2021 download
214 Notice for Default list of PhD Scholar 07-07-2021 download
215 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr. Somanath Mishra 05-07-2021 download
216 Notice for CAS Promotion 05-07-2021 download
217 Urgent Notice to students appearing Online examination 04-07-2021 download
218 Award Notification of Mr. Sohan Kumar Pande, Department of Computer Science and Engineering 03-07-2021 download
219 Award Notification of Mr. Pratap Kumar Panda, Department of Chemistry 03-07-2021 download
220 Award Notification of Mr. Suvendu Narayan Mishra, Department of Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering 03-07-2021 download
221 Ph.D. Open defence of Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mishra, Department of MME 01-07-2021 download
222 List of backlog students for Remote Proctored (AI and Human proctoring) Odd Sem Nov'2020 Examination 28-06-2021 download
223 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce Examination of Mr. Satyanarayana Patnaik 26-06-2021 download
224 Information for online Mock test Odd Semester Nov 2020 Examination & final year students except B.Tech. and B.Arch 25-06-2021 download
225 Revised Schedule for 1st Semester M.Tech.(EE-PECD) & 5th Semester B.Tech. of November-2020 Examinations 25-06-2021 download
226 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce Examination of Mr. Pratap Kumar Panda 22-06-2021 download
227 Urgent Notice to students for non-submission of Google form 21-06-2021 download
228 Notice to fill up Google form by X-regular and Non Collegiate Students 20-06-2021 download
229 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr. Sohan Kumar Pande 19-06-2021 download
230 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr. Suvendu Narayan Mishra 19-06-2021 download
231 Notice for vaccination of students of VSSUT 17-06-2021 download
232 Extension notice for Admission into PG and Ph.D Programmes: July 2021 17-06-2021 download
233 Revised Schedule for 1st Sem. M.Tech. (ME-MDA),4th Sem. M.Sc.(AM) and 10th Sem. Int. M.Sc.(Math.) 16-06-2021 download
234 Information for online Mock test and Real exam 16-06-2021 download
235 Notice for 1st, 3rd, 5th Sem - B.Tech. / B.Arch and 7th Sem - 5yrs Integrated B.Tech & M.Tech Dual Degree /B.Arch. students to fill up the google form for appearing examinations 15-06-2021 download
236 Information regarding e-Medhabruti Scholarship 14-06-2021 download
237 Notice for Sessional failure in 7th Semester B.Tech 14-06-2021 download
238 Notice for Backlog registration (list attached) 13-06-2021 download
239 Notice for 8th Sem - B.Tech. and 10th Sem - B.Arch. students to fill up the google form for appearing examination 12-06-2021 download
240 Guidelines on On-Line Examinations through Desktop / Laptop / Mobile Examination: 2020-21 12-06-2021 download