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Notice Board

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1 Notice for webinar on WASBE (17.10.2021) 16-10-2021 download
2 Award Notification Of Mr. Dillip Kumar Sahoo,EE 13-10-2021 download
3 Award Notification Of Mr. Satyabrat Hota, ETC 13-10-2021 download
4 Award Notification Of Mr. Pradosh Kumar Gantayat, CSE 13-10-2021 download
5 Online FDP on Sustainable Computing and Applications in Smart Cities Organized by Dept. of Computer Application, VSSUT Burla in Collaboration with Dep. of CSE, NIT, Warangal 12-10-2021 download
6 Notice for B.Tech students not registered in Odd Semester Registration - 2021-22 09-10-2021 download
7 Regarding Mid Semester of November-2021 Examinations 08-10-2021 download
8 Notice for Eligible candidate for interview of the AICTE ADF scheme for the year 2021 08-10-2021 download
9 Notice about Holiday List for Vacational & Non- vacational Employees of the University 07-10-2021 download
10 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr. Pradosh Kumar Gantayat, CSE 06-10-2021 download
11 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr.Dillip Kumar Sahoo,EE 02-10-2021 download
12 Notice for Re-admission - 2021 01-10-2021 download
13 Award Notification of Ms. Santi Kumari Behera, CSE 30-09-2021 download
14 Award Notification of Mr. Bikash Meher,ETC 27-09-2021 download
15 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Mr. Satyabrat Hota,ETC 27-09-2021 download
16 Notice for All B.Tech/ B Arch. Students-2021-2022 regarding scholarship scheme 25-09-2021 download
17 Notice for newly admitted 1st year Students in M.Tech. / M.Sc. / Ph.D. and Integrated M.Sc. Boys Students regarding apply for Hall of Residence 24-09-2021 download
18 Offline Examinations in Math.-I (B.Tech.) paper 24-09-2021 download
19 Schedule for offline Supplementary Examinations July-2021 (M.Sc. & Int. M.Sc.) 24-09-2021 download
20 Regarding the Extension of Admission in to the PhD Programme 2021 24-09-2021 download
21 Allotted Section for Open Elective 1 subjects of 5th sem B.Tech 24-09-2021 download
22 Notice for Time Table of 5th semester B.Tech Students Open Elective - I 24-09-2021 download
23 Notice for the Non-teaching Staff Hiring at EEE Department through Outsourcing basis 21-09-2021 download
24 Notice for Offline Physical Classes of PG & Ph.D. 18-09-2021 download
25 Notice for Re-admission - 2021 18-09-2021 download
26 Notice for all First year Girls Students admitted in integrated M.Sc. 16-09-2021 download
27 PhD. Award Notification of Mr. Pramod Kumar Sethy 16-09-2021 download
28 Spot admission for vacant seat 16-09-2021 download
29 Advertisement of Guest Faculty for CSE & IT Dept 15-09-2021 download
30 Notice for Ph.D. open Viva-voce examination of Ms. Santi Kumari Behera,CSE 15-09-2021 download