Associate NCC Officer

Lt. Birendra Kumar Barik

Associate NCC Officer (ANO)


About us :

If you are among the people who believe that the best colour is khaki, the best outfit is NCC outfit, best shoes are NCC boots, best place is parade ground and the best home is barret and that, being a cadet is the best thing about life that you’ve experienced, then welcome!

Since the inception of NCC in 1948, cultivating important human skills has always been it’s motive. Creating human resources of organized, trained and motivated youth. It is a source for society and nation which caters the needs of leadership in all spheres of life and providing the citizens who will always be eager for giving the best service to the nation. Have you ever thought about connecting with the people who share same interests and same thought? That too from all around the country and the world? Well again, you are at the right place! Then, you are at the right place!

We are here to cater your needs. We are here with a social media platform exclusively for NCC where the information about all the camps, about all the upcoming events will be put up and you will get to interact with everyone. Any question on your mind, and you will just need to get in here and yes! You have it with you. Then for what you are waiting for? Just get in here!