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Production Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B. Tech 8th Precision Engineering (PE) BMS 408 Download
2 B. Tech/M. Tech 7th/1st Rapid Protototyping PE 15-025 Download
3 B.Tech 7th Non-Traditional Machining (NTM) BMS 401 Download
4 B.Tech Maintenance Engineering & Management Download
5 B.Tech 6th Theory Of Metal Forming BPE 309 Download
6 B.Tech Automation and Numerical Control Machines (ANCM) Download
7 B.Tech. 7th Principle of Machine Tools BPE 403 Download
8 B.Tech 5th Theory of Metal Cutting BPE 301 Download
9 B.Tech 5th Materials Engineering & Metallurgy (MEM) BPE 402 Download
10 B.Tech 7th Computer integrated Manufacturing BMS 406 Download
11 B.Tech 7th Advanced casting and welding BMS 405 Download
12 B.Tech 5th Design of Machine Element BPE 303 Download