Computer Science & Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B.Tech 7th Modeling and Simulation BCS-408 Download
2 B.Tech 8th High Performance Computing BCS-425 Download
3 B.Tech 7th Artificial Intelligence BCS-404 Download
4 B.Tech Theory of Computation BCS-303 Download
5 B.Tech Microprocessors & Microcomputer BCS- 301 Download
6 B.Tech 6th Design and analysis of algorithms Download
7 B.Tech Software Engineering BCS-306 Download
8 B.Tech E-Commerce and Cyber Laws BCS-402 Download
9 B.Tech 3rd Data and file structures BCS-202 Download
10 B.Tech Data Mining and Data Warehousing BCS-403 Download
11 B.Tech Cryptography and Network Security Download
12 B.Tech Data Communications and Computer Networks BCS 304 Download
13 B.Tech. 4th Data Base Engineering BCS 204 Download
14 B.Tech 5th Discrete Mathematical structure Download
15 B.Tech Internet & Web technology BCS-308 Download
16 B.Tech 4th Computer Organization BCS-203 Download
17 B.Tech 7th Internet and Web Technology-II BCS-415 Download
18 B.Tech Information Security BIT-301 Download
19 B.Tech 3rd & 4th OOP with C++ BCS-201 Download
20 B.Tech 5th Operating System BCS-302 Download
21 B.Tech 5th Compiler Design BCS-305 Download
22 B.Tech 7th Data Mining BCS-405 Download
23 B.Tech 1st Programming & Data Structure BCS-101 Download