65 Years of Excellence

Faculties of Production Engineering

Debadutta Mishra
Name : Dr. Debadutta Mishra
Designation : Professor
Qualification : Ph.D (Engg.)
Specialization : Production Engg.
Debabrata Dhupal
Name : Dr. Debabrata Dhupal
Designation : Professor
Qualification : B.E. (Mech), Utkal University, M.E (Production Engineering), Jadavpur University, Ph.D. (Engg), Jadavpur University, DIBM, IGNOU
Specialization : Advance Manufacturing Processes, Additive Manufacturing.
Kamal Pal
Name : Dr. Kamal Pal
Designation : Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification : B.E(Jadavpur University) Production Engineering, M.E (IIEST, Shibpur), PhD (IIT Kharagpur)
Specialization : Production Engineering
Arun Kumar Rout
Name : Dr. Arun Kumar Rout
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : B.E(NIT Rourkela) Mechanical Systems Design, M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur), Ph.D. (KIIT University)
Specialization : Mechanical Systems Design
Nirmal Kumar Kund
Name : Dr. Nirmal Kumar Kund
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. (IISc, Bangalore), M.Tech.(Mechanical) (IISc, Bangalore), B.Tech.(Hons) (Mechanical) (IGIT, Sarang)
Specialization : Mechanical Sciences
Pankaj Charan Jena
Name : Dr. Pankaj Charan Jena
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, BPUT, Odisha; M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical System Design),BPUT, Odisha; PhD. in Engineering, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Specialization : Mechanical System Design.
Sudhansu Ranjan Das
Name : Dr. Sudhansu Ranjan Das
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. (Manufacturing Engineering), M.Tech. (Manufacturing Processes & Systems), B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
Specialization : Production and Industrial Engineering
Trupti Ranjan Mahapatra
Name : Dr. Trupti Ranjan Mahapatra
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : B.E(VSSUT Burla) Design and Manufacturing, M.Tech (KIIT University), PhD (KIIT University)
Specialization : Design and Manufacturing
Anisha Ekka
Name : Ms. Anisha Ekka
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech - IIT GUWAHATI, B.Tech- CET, BHUBNESWAR
Specialization : Fluid and Thermal
Birendra Kumar Barik
Name : Mr. Birendra Kumar Barik
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech.- NIT Trichy, B.Tech.- VSSUT Burla
Specialization : Manufacturing Technology
Lipsamayee Mishra
Name : Ms. Lipsamayee Mishra
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D (Continuing), M.Tech.- VSSUT Burla, B.Tech. - BPUT
Specialization : Manufacturing System Engineering
Premananda Ekka
Name : Mr. Premananda Ekka
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech- IIT, GUWAHATI, B.Tech- VSSUT, BURLA
Specialization : Computer Assisted Manufacturing
Sambeet Kumar Sahu
Name : Mr. Sambeet Kumar Sahu
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech- VSSUT, BURLA, B.Tech- BPUT, BURLA
Specialization : Production Engineering
Smita Padhan
Name : Ms. Smita Padhan
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Tech- NIT,WARANGAL, B.Tech- VSSUT, BURLA
Specialization : Manufacturing Engineering
Sunita Sethy
Name : Ms. Sunita Sethy
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D (Continuing), M.Tech. (VSSUT Burla), B.Tech .( BPUT)
Specialization : Production Engineering