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Name : Dr. Jhasaketan Bhoi
Designation : Assistant Professor
Phone No. : +91-8763232662
Email Id : jskbhoi@gmail.com, jbhoi_phy@vssut.ac.in
Date of Joining : 05-09-2017

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Nuclear Physics


Graduate Level :
  1. Engineering Physics
  2. Elements of Modern Physics
  3. Engineering Physics Lab
  4. Physics Lab –II
  5. Physics Lab-III
  6. Physics Lab -VI
  7. Mathematical Physics Lab
Post Graduate Level :
  1. Nuclear Physics
  2. Mathematical Physics-I
  3. Atomic, Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy
  4. Fortran programming Lab
  5. Physics Lab-VIII

Nuclear Physics (Theory)

  1. NIL
  1. NIL

International Publications

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National Publications

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  1. "Hadron-hadron scattering within the separable model of interactions",U. Laha and J. Bhoi, 978-620-2-30643-0, Scholars’ Germany, 2018


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