65 Years of Excellence

Civil Engineering

Name : Dr. Debabrata Giri
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : +91-9438791141
Email Id : debagiri@gmail.com
Date of Birth : 15-06-1972
Date of Joining : 26-06-2015


Geotechnical Engineering

21 Years

Graduate Level : Geotechnical Engg-I, Geotechnical Engg. –II, Environmental Geotechnic, Advanced Soil Mechanics, Soil Structure Interaction, Geo-engineering site Investigation
Post Graduate Level : ASM

  1. Soil dynamics
  2. Dynamic Slope Analysis

Ph. D. Candidates : NIL
M. Tech. Candidates : 07 numbers of M.Tech thesis
  1. GATE-1994
1.Geotechnical Society, ISTE
2. Life member: ISTE
3. Life member: IGS
4. Life member: ISRC
  1. Odisha Govt. Sponsored “Time Motion Study” Project

International Publications

  1. Giri, D. (2014) “Pseudo-dynamic approach of passive earth pressure behind cantilever retaining wall with inclined back-fill” Journal of Geomechanics and Geoengineering,9(1),72-78.
  2. Giri, D. (2011) “ Pseudo-dynamic approach of active earth pressure behind cantilever retaining wall with inclined back-fill” Journal of Geomechanics and Engineering, 3(4), 255-266.
  3. Sengupta, A., Giri, D. (2011) “Dynamic analysis of soil-nailed Slope”, Ground Improvement, 164(GI14), 225-234.
  4. Giri, D. and Sengupta, A. (2009) “Dynamic behavior of small scale nailed soil slopes” Journal of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, 27(6), 687-698.
  5. Giri, D. and Sengupta, A. (2010) “Dynamic Behavior of Small-Scale Model of Nailed Steep Slopes” Journal of Geomechanics and Geoengineering. 5(2), 99-108.
  6. Giri, D. and Sengupta, A. (2009) “A Kinematic Limit Approach for the Stability Analysis of Nailed Soil Slopes” Asian Journal of Civil Engineering, 10(2), 163-176.
  7. Giri, D. and Sengupta, A. (2010) “Dynamic Behaviour of Small-Scale Model Slopes in Shaking Table Tests” International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, J. Ross Publishing Inc., 4(1), 1-11.


  1. D. Giri., A.K. Sabat, M. S. Rao. (2006). “Effect of specimen geometry on consolidation parameters of soil sample” National IGS conference, Dec 14-16, IIT,Madras, pp. 243-246.
  2. D. Giri and A. Sengupta. (2009) “Performance of Small Scale Nailed Embankment in Shaking Table Tests” Proc. of Nat. Sem. on Emerging Trends in Ground Improvement, Kolkata, May, 22-23, pp 29-34.
  3. D. Giri and A. Sengupta. (2010) “Behavior of Nailed Steep Slopes in Laboratory Shake Table Tests.” Fifth International Conference on Recent Advances In Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics and Symposium in honor of professor I. M. Idriss, SAN diego, CA, May, 24-29.
  1. Text of Foundation Engineering by Kalyani Publisher
  2. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Structures, ALOK Publication (2004).
  3. Text Book on Foundation Engineering, Kalyani Publisher (2014).
Short term course on "Advance And Innovation In Civil Engineering"
  1. Acting as Vice-President of Sport Society for academic session 2016-17, 2017-18
  2. Acting as Faculty advisor of Civil Engineering Society for academic session 2017-18


Present Address : 
Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla
  Permanent Address : 
Quarter No F3R/32,
Professor colony VSSUT,Burla