• No. Year Funding Agency Scheme Project Name Principal Investigator Department Amount (Lakhs)
    16 2015-16 UGC MRP Development of High vacuum brazing furnace for joining for joining metals to ceramics Dr. S.K. Sarangi Mechanical Engg. 14.57
    17 2014-15 DST DST Field trials of law Cost fluoride filter: Domestic ad Community Scale Dr. C.R. Mohanty Civil Engg 12.78
    18 2014-15 UGC MRP Development of a High Vacuum Brazing Furnace for Joining Metals to Ceramics (UGC Major Research Project) Dr. S.K. Sarangi Mechanical Engg. 14.57
    19 2014-15 CSIR EMR Preparation and Characterization of Grapheme nano composites by reinforcement of transition Metal based Quantum Dots Prof. S.K.Swain Chemistry 1.35
    20 2013-14 DST SERB Development of high temperature piezoelectric ceramic based on(1-x)
    Bi(M’, M’’) O3-x  Pb TiO3 System
    Dr. A.K Pattnaik Physics 20.28
    21 2013-14 DST SERB Use of Integral equations on problems of scattering of waves by surface discontinuities in a two-layer fluid flowing through on ocean with bottom deformation Dr. S. Mohapatra Mathematics 12.12
    22 2013-14 CSIR HRD Development of NCD and UNCD diamond coatings and their characterization on cemented carbide inserts.  Dr. S.K. Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 15.14
    23 2012-13 AICTE MODROB Modernization of Environmental Laboratory Dr. P.K. Pradhan Civil Engg 18.04
    24 2007-08 DST SERC FIST FIST Programme Dr. S.K Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 70.00
    25 2007-08 AICTE RPS Characterization of Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) Diamond Coated Carbide Inserts Dr. S. K. Sarangi Mechanical Engineering 5.50
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