Dr. Bharati Mohapatra (HOD Architecture)

Associate Professor & Head


Qualification : B. Arch (CET), M.Arch (Urban Design, Jadavpur University), Ph.D (SAP, Anna University)
Specialization : Urban Design and Planning

The Department of Architecture was established in the year 2013 in VSSUT, Burla. Presently, the department is offering a five-year undergraduate B. Arch course with an emphasis on professional training. Its teaching program covers the broad spectrum of understanding, designing and constructing human habitat and environment. The course opens up opportunities for advanced studies and professional career in designing, planning and managing of built environment and extends to new frontiers of allied disciplines.

The department has the unique advantage of developing within a reputed Technical University and connecting with the oldest and highly experienced multi-disciplinary faculty of Odisha. It also has the distinction of being located in the culturally and environmentally rich region of Odisha.

The department is committed to ensure that the students are nurtured in an environment where there is unhindered 'accessibility' to knowledge resources and 'sustainability' of social and cultural values. The department is keen to imbibe the spirit of innovation, environmental sensitivity and creativity among the students in its endeavor for academic and professional excellence. Within the stringent academic environment there is abundant opportunity of co-curricular and explorative activities, where team spirit, leadership qualities, management skills and tech-proficiency are developed.

There is good opportunity to get exposure of up-to-date technological advancement, and knowledge of emerging research fields through the international conferences and symposiums regularly organised by the University. The University has state-of-art facilities for students to explore allied technical fields. By harnessing the available opportunities and potentiality the Department is striving to mark its footprint by emerging as a prominent centre of Architecture education in India.


The Department envisions to achieve excellence in learning, research and innovation in the field of Architecture, and create an enabling environment of confidence and capability to take up academic and professional challenges by encompassing progressive technological know-how while being sensitive to the environmental and cultural ethics.

  1. To provide educational programs that promote knowledge building, skill development and scholarly enquiry to meet the professional challenges, international educational standards and needs of our diverse community.
  2. To undertake applied research for creating cutting edge knowledge in areas related to human habitat and environment and develop centres of studies in allied fields.
  3. To progress as a collaborative of profession and education and promote capacity building by undertaking advanced programs in emerging areas of architecture and planning, and establishing an integrated project consultancy cell.
  4. To foster environmental values throughout the education program and provide resource and knowledge for promoting indigenous and innovative sustainable development principles and practices.
Program Objectives
  1. To follow educational program, that has broad scope, and provides exposure to various areas of interests in the field of Architecture and Planning and enable students to discover their own directions for further development.
  2. To recognise Architecture as an intellectual discipline, both in academics and profession, which would make a vital contribution in the shaping of our environment and society, in the sphere of design and technology for a diverse range of situations, in rural and urban contexts, and in complexities of different social, cultural, geographical, economic and technical nuances which are unique and typical of every region in the world.
  3. To stimulate sensitivity, unveil creative talents and enhance innovative pursuit of the students.
  4. To reinforce intellectual capabilities and develop proficiency in professional skills for enabling graduates to competently pursue alternative careers within the broad spectrum of architecture.
  5. To infuse competency and generate interest in the students towards research and higher studies.