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Electrical Engineering & EEE Lesson Plan

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 M.Tech 2nd RPS Download
2 M.Tech 2nd PSD Download
3 M.Tech 2nd CAPSP Download
4 M.Tech 2nd PC&I Download
5 M.Tech 2nd ICS Download
6 M.Tech 2nd PSO Download
7 M.Tech 2nd NLC Download
8 M.Tech 2nd PQ Download
9 M.Tech 2nd PED-II Download
10 M.Tech 2nd DSPES Download
11 M.Tech 2nd FACTS Download
12 B.Tech 8th HVE Download
13 B.Tech 8th SC Download
14 B.Tech 6th PE Download
15 B.Tech 6th EMI Download
16 B.Tech 6th PS-II Download
17 B.Tech 6th SS-II Download
18 B.Tech 6th SS-I Download
19 B.Tech 6th EPTD Download
20 B.Tech 6th EMT Download
21 B.Tech 4th EC Download
22 B.Tech 4th EM-II Download
23 B.Tech 2nd BEE Download
24 B.Tech 8th Production & Operation Management Download
25 B.Tech 8th Production and Operation Management Download
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