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Chemical Engineering Lesson Plan

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B.Tech 8th Fluidisation Engineering Download
2 B.Tech 8th Modern Separation Process in Chemical Engineering Download
3 B.Tech 7th Process Simulation and Modelling Download
4 B.Tech 7th Petroleum Refinery engineering Download
5 B.Tech 7th Mineral process Engineering Download
6 B.Tech 7th Energy Conservation and Renewable Sourses of Energy Download
7 B.Tech 7th Coal Processing Technology Download
8 B.Tech 6th Transport Phenomena Download
9 B.Tech 6th Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Download
10 B.Tech 6th Process Instrumentation Download
11 B.Tech 6th Process Equipment Design Download
12 B.Tech 6th Mass Transfer II Download
13 B.Tech 5th Process Dynamics and Control Download
14 B.Tech 5th Mass Transfer I Download
15 B.Tech 5th Heat Transfer Download
16 B.Tech 5th Fundamental of Biochemical Proesses Download
17 B.Tech 5th Chemical engineering thermodynamics Download
18 B.Tech 4th Chemical Process Calculations Download
19 B.Tech 4th Process and Handling of Materials Download
20 B.Tech 4th Fuels and Combustion Download
21 B.Tech 3rd Chemical Process Technology Download
22 B.Tech 3rd Fluid Dynamics Download
23 B.Tech 3rd FD Download
24 B.Tech 4th PHM Download
25 B.Tech 7th Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Download
26 B.Tech 4th CPC Download
27 B.Tech 5th CET Download
28 B.Tech 5th PDC Download
29 B.Tech 6th PED Download
30 B.Tech 7th CPT Download
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