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Computer Science & Engineering & IT Laboratories

The department has developed infrastructures including new laboratories namely Software Engg. Laboratory - I, Software Engg. Laboratory - II, Computer Hardware & Microprocessor Laboratory.and Analog and Digital Circuits Laboratory, Data Communication and Computer Networking Laboratory.

  1. Soft Ware Engg. Laboratory - I : The Software Engg. Lab - I has been setup with a Network of Windows NT 4.0 comprising a powerful Infinity Global line NL Pentium- II Server connected to 18 Windows 98 clients through UTP Hub. A no. of utility softwares are available. 
  2. Soft Ware Engg. Laboratory - II : The Soft Ware Engg Laboratory - II has been set up with a SCO Unix Platform on Infinity Server with 28 Nos. of terminals through 32 port Mux Card. 
    The department has many PCs with good number of Application Softwares like VB, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Borland C++, Turbo Pascal under Windows environment. 
  3. Computer hardware & Micro- processor Lab : The Computer Hadware & Microprocessor Lab has many 8085 & 8086 based microprocessor training kits. Moreover, there are DCM Turbo models for study of CPU, Monitor and Key Board. Two modern PC Trainers have been recently procured. 
  4. Analog & Digital Circuits LaB : A good number of experimental setups are available for the students. 25 nos of experimental training kits are available along with other instruments and accessories. 
  5. Data Communication and Computer Networking laboratory: The department is equipped with Internet facility through the V SAT. 15 Nos. of terminals are connected through Internet. Some Data communication trainer modules are available for the students use.
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