Internal Quality Assurance Cell



  • Prof.Atal Chaudhuri, Vice Chancellor

Administrative Officers

  • Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Dean, Post Graduate Studies & Research


  • Prof.B.B.Pati, Professor in Electrical Engg.(Director/Coordinator)
  • Prof.P.K. Hota, Professor in Electrical Engg & Dean CDCE
  • Prof.A.N. Nayak, Professor in Civil Engg & Dean SRIC
  • Prof.J. Rana, Professor in Mechanical Engg.
  • Prof.A.K.Rath, Professor in Computer Sc. & Engg

Members from Board of Management

  • Prof. C.R. Tripathy, Vice Chancellor, BPUT

Members from Local Society

  • Dr.Prasant Kumar Pradhan, Ex-Director, Gridco,
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